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Monday, 3 August 2015

Reasons why you should take social login seriously

Are long registration forms on your website negatively affecting conversions? As per the past few researches, I am pretty much sure that your answer will be yes. The recent study by Blue Research stated that around 90% customers suffer from mistargeting, but along with that 83% also admitted to submit wrong information in registration forms which caused mistargeting.

One way to solve this problem is by offering social login solution to your website visitors. The reason social login being so popular is because it lets businesses collect more reliable data about their audience and this data is specifically derived from the social profiles of users. Let’s understand how it does so.

What is social login?

Social login, also known as Social Network login, allows your website visitors to sign in to your site using one of their existing social media accounts. Your visitors are searching for a convenient method to sign in to your website and social login provides them that by letting them use their existing social media accounts such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc for this purpose.
Social login

By simplifying the process of registration, businesses can boost conversions by enhancing customer experience. With 77% users admitting that social login is a great registration solution, there is no reason why you should not take social login seriously. Still confused? Here I have listed down some reasons that explain how social login adds value to your website.

  1. Personalized user experience :

    It is a well known fact that improving user experience results in better conversions and improved sales. But it’s not that easy. Visitors now a days are getting smarter and expecting that you understand their needs. Social network login helps you to deliver what they want.

    To understand how, let’s go back to the past when the concept of social login was not there. During those days the only way businesses used to understand their audience was with the help of the data provided in customer registration forms. But as stated above, with so many users filling wrong information in these forms, the efficiency of registration forms is more of a question.

    But the situation is not same with social login. Many social media networks hold so much data about your audience that you want. When the user sign in with social login, their social data is provided to business which is highly reliable and plays important role in understanding their audience. The more you understand your audience, the better experience you can provide them.
  2. Enhanced user engagement :

    Social login is an important part of your website as it makes the lives of your audience easier thereby boosting engagement. It works as the first step to engage your audience. The positive point is that it doesn’t require you to work too hard to engage them as you already know a  lot about your audience, thanks to social login. With users spending time on social media networks like never before, these networks hold a huge amount of user data that you can utilize to understand your user base. With this, you can easily deliver value to your visitors.
  3. The secret weapon data :

    While integrating social sign in on your site, there are two important things that you must keep in mind :

    a. How to get the necessary data
    b. How to utilize this data to maximize benefits

    Social login lets you collect user data with their permission when the user login using one of his/her existing social media account. The data captured with the help of social media login is highly accurate.

    But with too much data around, marketers need to understand which of these data do they really need in order to understand their audience. Following are some questions they should ask themselves :

    a. What are my business goals?
    b. How these data will be used?
    c. Which of these data points relevant to my business?

In the age of social media, there is no reason why your website should not be social. But above that, the main reason you should offer social login is because your audience need it. If you haven’t implemented social login yet, it’s high time you should do it now.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Social Media Marketing Myths you should be aware about

Unless you are living under a rock, you must be aware of what role social media is playing in our personal as well as professional lives. With the immense growth in the social media usage, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to include social media in their marketing strategies. But with different marketers having different opinions about social media, it becomes difficult to find out what is the truth and what is just a myth.

To that end, here is the video, that highlights seven most common social media marketing myths, you should be aware about.

Apart from these seven, which are other social media marketing myths that businesses should be aware about. Mention in the comments below.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Why you should consider social login for mobile app?

How many apps there are installed on your mobile? I have 10 and most of them are the ones that I haven’t used more than once. But hey! It’s not just me, most of the people are going through the same situation. We go through a bunch of apps and some app catch our attention and we install it, right? But once we use them, with most of the apps experience is so poor that we decide to stop using them again.

Around 60-70% apps are installed and used no more than once before getting deleted which makes all the efforts and money go in vain. Developers put a lot of effort in creating an awesome app but that’s only half of the battle, the rest half is to make it user friendly.

One of the biggest hurdle in providing this user friendly experience is the need to register by filling long registration form and creating another site specific username and password. Logins are tricky. Even if you are able to convince user to register, what about the headache of forgot password process? In order to recover their login details, they need to login to their gmail account, reset the password and sign in to the app, sounds too long, right?
Complicated registration process causes around 56% drop off in the app usage, but again login is important functionality for mobile apps and that’s where the biggest challenge arises, how to convince visitors to register without making them annoyed.  That’s where Social Login comes to the rescue. To know how read on.

What is social login?

Social login feature has gained immense popularity in the past few years. By providing social sign on option on your app, you can allow your visitors to authenticate themselves with their existing identity from popular social media networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, etc. Offering social login really speeds up the process and provides the users an easy way of signing in. With social login feature, users can sign in to your app within seconds rather than manually typing their email, name and other required information.
social login

The popular customer identity management platform, LoginRadius has released the report regarding how social login usage has increased worldwide as mobile usage doubles.

Benefits of social login for your customers :

  • They no longer need to fill the required information manually thereby saving time.
  • They no longer need to create another site specific password that they forget just after using the app.
  • By connecting their social media account with your app, they get more personalized experience resulting in more satisfied and happy customers. Read the article to know how Social login plays an important role in enhancing app experience.

Benefits of social login for your business :

  • The simpler it is to sign up, the more people will opt it. Simplifying registration using social login will benefit you with higher signup rates.
  • The visitor now will spend less time during registration thus you can utilize that time to show him/her more important content of your website.
  • With social media login, you get reliable first party user data from their social profile that can be used to create more targeted marketing strategies.

At last the only key to create a perfect app is to keep testing and optimizing in order to enhance user experience and social login does a great help there.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

12 point checklist to become a better content marketer

Many a times a well written blog post goes unnoticed because the blogger had no idea about how to do the content marketing. Theoretically they say, write great content and the traffic will follow but in reality it doesn't work like that. Only good stories which are better told can drive traffic. Writing a great content alone can't guarantee you thousands of page views, you need to market it too.

This infographics by Unbounce covers a 12 point checklist that will make you a better content marketer.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Boost Landing page conversion with 3 techniques

Businesses are always looking for some creative ways to drive higher conversions on the landing pages. The rate of conversion completely depends upon the effectiveness of landing page but here are some issues that affect conversions :

  • Does the landing page relevant to customer query?
  • Are the call to action buttons on landing pages attractive and appealing?
  • Is the offer you are providing is compelling?
  • Is the offer worthy enough for user to share personal information?

The last issue is the one that most of the marketers choose to ignore resulting in poor landing page conversions. Many a time I come across forms with multiple fields on landing pages and which makes me think, is this content worth it? Because of course, I hate filling forms and I am sure, you too :)
landing page conversion

Here I have listed down some tips to boost landing page conversions for your website by optimizing registration process.

  1. Improve conversions by social login :

    Forms with too many fields often irritate visitors and makes them leave. With 86% users being bothered by creating new accounts, marketers cannot afford to miss this issue. Now a days users want everything simple and quick but forms with unlimited fields is a big barrier there. One way to solve this problem is to reduce the number of fields in the forms but again, it also implies less data. This creates a big challenge among marketers as they want to get as much as user data as possible without annoying them.

    Social Sign in fits perfectly in this picture. With social login, marketers can convince visitors to login, get reliable user data and that too without irritating them. With Social media login, visitors can authenticate themselves with their existing social identity. Login with social media accounts hardly takes a few seconds and thereby boosts conversions.
  2. Implement progressive profiling :

    Progressive profiling is another efficient way to keep users happy and satisfied. Asking for all the information at once might irritate users resulting which they abandon the website and even if they don’t, they provide you incorrect information that leads to poor marketing decisions. In that case, what marketers can do is to ask for only basic essential information at first and later on ask user to complete the profile when the trust is built.
  3. Provide social proof :

    When the user arrives on your landing page, always show them what others think about your business. It will convince them to further complete the step. There are several ways to integrate social proof on landing pages, but these four are the most popular ones :

    1. Social Counts
    2. Embedded social media posts
    3. Showcasing customer testimonials
    4. Case Studies and whitepapers

Landing pages are the great way to generate high quality leads but if most of your visitors are leaving due to complicated registration process, then all your hard work of creating a user friendly landing page goes in vain. These three tips will help you to make those visitors stay back.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How startups can user Social media?

Social media has become the latest trend to spread the word about your business. Every organization whether it is small or big, has started to embrace social media to maximize benefits. There are several ways to make social media work for your business. Presenting here an interesting infographic that highlights some amazing ways to use social media for your start-up.

Social media has become an emerging way to boost your business among a huge audience. The infographic will help you to leverage the power of social media marketing for your startup. Do you think I missed any tip? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The role of social login in driving user engagement

User engagement is one of the important factors that define success of a business. For online businesses user engagement holds far more importance since you can’t actually see or speak to your customers as you can in traditional offline businesses. There are numerous ways a user interact with your website and that’s why product managers must be on top in creating an ultimate user experience. Poor user engagement leads to poor sales which directly implies poor revenue.
User Engagement

To build a highly engaging user experience, you need to think about how you can connect your users with your website. You have built a perfect website and you are getting a ton of traffic but still there is always a room for improvement when we talk about engagement. Social Login, also known as social sign in is one such way to boost user engagement on a website. Let’s see here how social login can improve user engagement, reduce bounce rates and increase return users.

Ditch the forms with Social login :

In today’s hectic era everybody is bounded by strictly busy schedule. In such scenario pushing users towards a time consuming registration process doesn’t seem a wise decision. No doubt, 86% of website users hate registration forms. The reasons are :

  • These are time consuming.
  • Users need to memorize multiple passwords causing to password fatigue.
  • Frustration of email verification.

For businesses these long forms cause another set of problems such as

  • Poor conversions as 54% users prefer leaving the website than creating new account
  • Inaccurate user data like
  • Low engagement as 90% users abandon the website rather than retrieving password.
All these points clearly dictate complicated registration process as one of the key reasons of poor user engagement on the website. Social Login is an efficient means to ditch these forms.

Social Login

Social Login is the process of allowing users to login to your website using their preferred social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Social login is extremely time efficient and simplifies the whole registration to a single click. Less time in registration means more people are going to do it which clearly implies higher user engagement on your website.

In brief here are some ways social login can boost user engagement on your website :

  • Social login helps you leave the first impression that lasts forever :

    The process of conversions starts from the very first moment users land on your website. By allowing them to login using their social media account, you not only simplify the process of registration but also stop them from waiting. It directly increases sign up rates by reducing bounce rates.
  • Social login converts your first time visitors into regular customers :

    With Social login users don’t need to remember another set of username and password. Users can return to the website without worrying about the specific password that they created as they can easily sign in using their social media accounts. Social Login eliminates the headache of password retrieval process and thus improves engagement.
  • Social login is a great way to boost user interaction :

    As well know when a customer leaves a comment on your website, it reflects the opinion of hundreds of users about you. Using Social Login for commenting drives greater quantity as well as quality of user input. Commenting with social login saves users simultaneously increasing user engagement.
  • Social Login takes personalization to a whole new level :

    The benefits of social login are no longer limited to the simplification of registration process, instead social login helps businesses with reliable first party user profile data. With Social Login businesses can get better customer insights. Understanding this can help you to offer more personalized experience to your audience. By offering what users want, user engagement can be driven to new heights.

User engagement does not rely on one specific factor and the definition of an engaging experience might differ from user to user but all in one, engagement is the key to run a successful online business and social login does a great help there. Signing in using social media accounts not only saves users time and frustration but also encourages them to have an engaging relationship with your business.