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Psychology behind the world’s famous logos

psychology behind logo design

Recently the giant search engine, Google changed its logo. Have you ever wondered what is the psychology behind color, design, etc of the logo? Why some logos stand out even after being so simple? Or Have you ever wondered how you can design…


Social Media Marketing Myths you should be aware about

Social Media Marketing Myths

Unless you are living under a rock, you must be aware of what role social media is playing in our personal as well as professional lives. With the immense growth in the social media usage, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to include…


12 point checklist to become a better content marketer

content marketing tips

Many a times a well written blog post goes unnoticed because the blogger had no idea about how to do the content marketing. Theoretically they say, write great content and the traffic will follow but in reality it doesn’t work like that. Only…


How startups can user Social media?

startups and social media

Social media has become the latest trend to spread the word about your business. Every organization whether it is small or big, has started to embrace social media to maximize benefits. There are several ways to make social media work for your business.…


Top tips to boost mobile marketing efforts

mobile marketing tips

With millions of people migrating from desktop to mobile devices for accessing internet, it has become essential for businesses to take mobile users into consideration and create marketing strategies according to them. Even Google is trying to understand how a mobile user is…