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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How startups can user Social media?

Social media has become the latest trend to spread the word about your business. Every organization whether it is small or big, has started to embrace social media to maximize benefits. There are several ways to make social media work for your business. Presenting here an interesting infographic that highlights some amazing ways to use social media for your start-up.

Social media has become an emerging way to boost your business among a huge audience. The infographic will help you to leverage the power of social media marketing for your startup. Do you think I missed any tip? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The role of social login in driving user engagement

User engagement is one of the important factors that define success of a business. For online businesses user engagement holds far more importance since you can’t actually see or speak to your customers as you can in traditional offline businesses. There are numerous ways a user interact with your website and that’s why product managers must be on top in creating an ultimate user experience. Poor user engagement leads to poor sales which directly implies poor revenue.
User Engagement

To build a highly engaging user experience, you need to think about how you can connect your users with your website. You have built a perfect website and you are getting a ton of traffic but still there is always a room for improvement when we talk about engagement. Social Login, also known as social sign in is one such way to boost user engagement on a website. Let’s see here how social login can improve user engagement, reduce bounce rates and increase return users.

Ditch the forms with Social login :

In today’s hectic era everybody is bounded by strictly busy schedule. In such scenario pushing users towards a time consuming registration process doesn’t seem a wise decision. No doubt, 86% of website users hate registration forms. The reasons are :

  • These are time consuming.
  • Users need to memorize multiple passwords causing to password fatigue.
  • Frustration of email verification.

For businesses these long forms cause another set of problems such as

  • Poor conversions as 54% users prefer leaving the website than creating new account
  • Inaccurate user data like
  • Low engagement as 90% users abandon the website rather than retrieving password.
All these points clearly dictate complicated registration process as one of the key reasons of poor user engagement on the website. Social Login is an efficient means to ditch these forms.

Social Login

Social Login is the process of allowing users to login to your website using their preferred social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Social login is extremely time efficient and simplifies the whole registration to a single click. Less time in registration means more people are going to do it which clearly implies higher user engagement on your website.

In brief here are some ways social login can boost user engagement on your website :

  • Social login helps you leave the first impression that lasts forever :

    The process of conversions starts from the very first moment users land on your website. By allowing them to login using their social media account, you not only simplify the process of registration but also stop them from waiting. It directly increases sign up rates by reducing bounce rates.
  • Social login converts your first time visitors into regular customers :

    With Social login users don’t need to remember another set of username and password. Users can return to the website without worrying about the specific password that they created as they can easily sign in using their social media accounts. Social Login eliminates the headache of password retrieval process and thus improves engagement.
  • Social login is a great way to boost user interaction :

    As well know when a customer leaves a comment on your website, it reflects the opinion of hundreds of users about you. Using Social Login for commenting drives greater quantity as well as quality of user input. Commenting with social login saves users simultaneously increasing user engagement.
  • Social Login takes personalization to a whole new level :

    The benefits of social login are no longer limited to the simplification of registration process, instead social login helps businesses with reliable first party user profile data. With Social Login businesses can get better customer insights. Understanding this can help you to offer more personalized experience to your audience. By offering what users want, user engagement can be driven to new heights.

User engagement does not rely on one specific factor and the definition of an engaging experience might differ from user to user but all in one, engagement is the key to run a successful online business and social login does a great help there. Signing in using social media accounts not only saves users time and frustration but also encourages them to have an engaging relationship with your business.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Top tips to boost mobile marketing efforts

With millions of people migrating from desktop to mobile devices for accessing internet, it has become essential for businesses to take mobile users into consideration and create marketing strategies according to them. Even Google is trying to understand how a mobile user is dealing with a website.Though desktop and mobile devices are far different from each other, it is a must that while creating marketing strategy, marketers should take care of both. This video will help marketers to boost their mobile marketing efforts.

Right person, right message, right moment, they say. Be relevant and make sure to understand your audience specially mobile users and provide them a personalized experience which can convince them to convert. If you have any other tips that can help in boosting sales via mobile marketing, feel free to mention in the comments below.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Tired of seeing poor conversions? Let Social Login help you

Boosting conversions is the key aim of an effective marketing strategy. Having a high traffic on your website is of no use if you are not being able to convert them. This conversion can be either in the form of completing purchase or downloading resource or generating leads.

Conversio rate

Complicated registration process is one of the key reasons why visitors leave the website without getting converted. Social login does a great help here by simplifying the complicated registration process. The concept of social login in quite simple as it allows users to sign in to your website with their existing social accounts such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, rather than going through traditional registration process.

Social Login

Social Login is a very simple, quick and very effective way to boost conversions. Read on to how:

  • Simplified registration means less abandoned carts:

    In the hectic era, users want everything simple and quick. If your website is forcing users to fill a registration form before making the purchase, they will definitely leave your website in search of a better and simpler option. But when you offer social network login, complicated sign-up process becomes a single click process. If it is simple, they will love it and will definitely go for it thereby improving conversions.

  • Personalized user experience :

    With social login, businesses get access to precious user profile data which helps them to understand their audience on a deeper level. By connecting their social profile with you, you can know about their location, age, gender, interests and on the base of that, offer them what they might find interesting. Social Login boosts conversion on landing pages, home pages and all other important pages of your website. Everybody loves personalization whether offline or online. More personalized user experience means better conversions.
  • Better marketing strategies means enhanced engagement :

    By in-depth analysis of user profile data fetched through Social Login, you can understand who your audience are and what are they expecting from you. This in-depth analysis can become a strong base of your marketing strategies and provides you an idea about what will work for your audience and what won’t. You can strategize your marketing tactics parallel to your audience preferences and encourage them to convert. Better marketing strategies lead to enhanced user engagement.

In today’s hectic era, users want to spend more time browsing products they want rather than filling out another registration form with new usernames and passwords which they will forget as soon as they make purchase. Apart from that, if you want to beat your competitors, you must admit that having relevant information about your audience is more of a compulsion.

Social Login is the one stop solution for all of these. It is a cost effective solution which provides users a simple solution to the complicated registration process without compromising with security. Most of the big organizations have already started implementing social login on their websites and experiencing benefits of social login.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Digital Marketing in 2015

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Every year some new techniques are being implemented and some old techniques are being stopped using. Below is the Infographic by SmartInsights that explains the state of Digital Marketing in 2015. Check it out to know what works best in 2015 and what not.

There is no doubt digital marketing is growing in importance. Businesses are continuously busy finding new ways to keep their business on top and get hit by success. What do you think is the best digital marketing technique in 2015? Which technique will rule the world of digital marketing and which technique will move out. Share in the comments below.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mozilla in SFD Leyte

During this year's celebration of Software Freedom Day in Leyte, Philippines which was organized by League of IT Enthusiasts-LEYTE, we talked about Mozilla. Three Mozilla-related topics were discussed: Introduction to Mozilla, Selenium IDE and Firebug.

I delivered Introduction to Mozilla after my co-organizer talked about Introduction to FOSS in our opening circle. I started the talk with a video presentation titled The Mozilla Story. After that, I introduced short overview of Mozilla products: Firefox, Firefox OS, Mozilla Marketplace, Thunderbird and Mozilla Webmaker. Also an overview of Bugzilla and Firebug.

We have 2 tracks after our opening circle. I started the first track with "Selenium IDE" topic. Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts, built as a Firefox extension. I demonstrated how to install Selenium IDE. One thing I like with this tool is its recording capability.

On the other track, my co-organizer introduced Firebug. Firebug is an awesome debugging tool for web developers. It can inspect HTML, CSS and Javascript codes. It can also monitor web requests.
We ended the SFD celebration in giving the swags from Mozilla to our participants. Thanks to Mozilla Philippines.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Using StringBuffer to Reverse String in Java

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Reverse {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  Scanner input = new Scanner(;
  System.out.print("ENTER STRING: ");
  StringBuffer reverse = new StringBuffer(input.nextLine()).reverse();
  System.out.println("REVERSED: " +reverse);