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Securing customer data on your website


Security has been a major concern for anyone who has been using internet. Wide usage of internet has given people access to vast horizon of things to do over internet like sharing, creating, collaborating and connecting.   For a website, security is essential…


How to Decrease Bounce Rates on your site: 5 Insightful Tips

Bounce rates are one of the metrics which tell you how popular your site is, how many people visit your blog or website and stay there, how attractive and compelling site and content is to them. If a visitor bounces, then there is…


Customer Retention Tips for businesses

Relying only on very few customers can leave a business vulnerable. Losing just one customer  could mean huge crisis. By consistently focusing on ideas to boost  business, one can reduce risk of failure and can grow business in a sustainable way. Here are…


Social media strategy for Lead generation!


  This info-graphic is sufficient enough to explain how social media plays an important role in Lead generation and why and what are the real meanings behind this lead generation techniques. edit


How Single Sign-On Doubles User Experience?


“User experience” or UX – a word with a lot of meaning. Like we need oxygen to survive, similarly if a business wants to survive then UX is an important factor. If you have an online business then you need to pay special…


50 Marketing Habits That Every Business Should Have

Ohh, you just started your business few months back Congratulations! but you know how you can make your business successful? Marketing habits play an important role in making your business more reachable. Check out the awesome infographics to know about the 50 marketing…


Why are Businesses Adopting Single Sign-On?

Do you know how your users are logging in to your business websites? Are they registering themselves by filling long forms or by email verification? No matter out of which way, both these methods are today outdated. It is very difficult for users…


Social Media Calls to Action

Social media is one of the most important factors to show cast your business. It can drive great traffic to your website. Check out the interesting infographics to know about the power of social media and how it drives traffic to your business website.…


Single Sign-On: How It Saves Time?

password fatigue

If someone asks me what is the most precious thing for you? My answer will be “Time” and why not, you can gain everything you lost but not time, once it passed it never comes back unless you have a time machine. But…